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Nov 22
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The following are the Loot Rules for Twilight on Alexstrasza. These rules are subject to change based on necessity from alterations or changes in game play from Blizzard and or from the desires / needs of the guild.

Article I. - Rolls and Distribution:

Twilight follows the rolling policy of “highest roll wins” on BoP (Binds on Pickup) item drops. There is no priority on drops for anyone in the guild by rank, class, participation, etc. Everyone in attendance of the group that receives the drop (Raid or Party) has an equal opportunity to that item with more details outlined further in this policy.

Twilight follows this philosophy on loot distribution to encourage participation without the pressure of required attendance and allowing everyone in participation of the moment an opportunity to items that they helped to attain. Basically this means if you are there and help on the run, you are entitled to a share of the winnings.

Article II. - Guild Raids:

Master Looter will be set on all Guild Raids to prevent open rolling. This is done primarily to avoid accidents and allow people time to think about actively rolling on an item they want/need to be better afforded the opportunity to that item. Giving someone who may want that item a chance to compare and think on it before having to fully commit to a roll. The second reason is to avoid potential “battle looting” where looting takes place during combat causing more confusion and frustrations as well as further adding to the possibility of an accidental miss roll.

“Common Loot” or loot that can be used by any and everyone such as BoE (Bind on Equip) Uncommon (Green) items and to some extent Rare (Blue) BoE items, coins, scarabs, other faction related items that drop in abundance otherwise unneeded / wanted will be random rolled. This can be done either with the assistance of an add-on such as X-Loot or by manual means. Generally all raids will be set at a Rare (Blue) loot threshold allowing Uncommon drops to be looted as common or vendor trash drops.

Unwanted / unneeded BoP (Bind on Pickup) items will be disenchanted if possible and random rolled by the raid participants for the resulting materials. If no enchanter is present on the run, the item will be random rolled for vendor sale to the highest roll winner. Unwanted enchant materials will be deposited in the guild bank for future guild use. Enchanters on the runs will be rotated on each run and the responsible enchanter for that run will be allotted a “payment” for disenchanting services in the form of 1 shard.

Article III. - 5-Person Instances:

Any 5 person instances run by a guild member, whether it consists of all guild members or a mix of players outside Twilight, will be expected to follow this loot policy at all times. Flexibility and small exceptions will be allowed for some PUG (Pick-up Group) runs that have strong opposition to guild loot policy where it would jeopardize the completion of the instance. As a member of Twilight, if you are leading a group, your actions are a representation of the guild as a whole and you should conduct yourself accordingly.

When BoP (Bind on Pickup) items are dropped, all persons should “Pass” and roll after if Master Looter is not enabled to allow for time to decide who should have a roll or if the item should be Disenchanted. DO NOT “Greed” roll BoP (Binds on Pickup) items at any time.

Article IV. - Classifications and Limitations:

Section 4.01 - Item classifications

Item classification will follow the standard Blizzard item classes.

  • Green - Uncommon Quality
  • Blue - Rare Quality
  • Purple - Epic Quality
  • Orange - Legendary Quality
  • Red - Artifact Quality (Items of this classification have not yet been seen but are rumored to now exist future expansions but will most likely be attained through a quest chain from a Legendary (Orange) quality drop.)

Section 4.02 - Won Item Limits:

Loot limitations will be set at the time of the run but in keeping with standard guild practice can be adjusted on a per instance basis. The utmost priority for all instances and raids in Twilight is keeping the event entertaining but equally fair to all those in participation in regards to rewards.

A “run” consists of any instance, raid or otherwise, participated on from reset period to reset period. For example; raid instances on a 7 day reset are considered 1 run during that 7 day period. This means is that if the raid spans 4 of those 7 days, each day is not its own run but rather a part of 1 single run and loot limitations will be applied to that accordingly. This method applies to 5 person instances as well which can be manually reset and to Heroic instances which reset daily. If the 5 person instance is manually reset mid way through, that now becomes a new “run” and loot counts are reset.

The looting method Twilight employs on guild raids is as follows:

Each item that drops will be rolled for in 2 different ways

  1. Main Spec Roll – This is the first roll of each item. All raid participants will be afforded a roll on the item who believes it is an upgrade for their main spec. This also includes main spec for alts. Usable item limitations are discussed further down in section 4.03. Alternate character limitations are also further discussed in Article VII.
  2. Off spec / Side grade Roll - This second way will only happen if the item is deemed by all raid participants as not a main spec upgrade. Rolls here will be afforded to all members who wish to use this item for secondary spec or change in spec use. This also includes alts.

A running total will be kept by the person(s) handling loot during that run. As each person wins an item it will be added to their won item total for each type of roll. Each person will have a “Main Spec Roll” wins count as well as an “Off spec” wins count.

Addons which keep track of loot such as Raid Tracker will be used by any persons responsible for loot on guild raids. This addon isnt required for 5-person instances. Exports will be required for overall tracking on the Twilight RPS site.

Rolls will be done on a highest roll wins method, however when an item is rolled for by multiple people, the person with the least amount of won items for that run will be awarded the item.

Roll System Example 1

[item1] Drops
Priest 1 and Priest 2 roll for [item1] for upgrades
Priest 1 wins roll for [item1]

[item2] Drops
Priest 1 and Priest 2 roll for [item2] for upgrades
Priest 2 is the winner regardless of roll number if there is no other competitive roll since Priest 1 won [item1]

[item3] Drops
Priest 1 and Priest 2 roll for [item3] for upgrades
Highest roll wins since both are equal in total won items for that run if there is no other competitive roll.

5 person instances will be left at the discretion of the party leader, but should abide by a similar set of limits as well. Should the party leader want to change this in any way, they MUST inform the rest of the participating party ahead of time to allow for any discussion to take place before the run commences.

There will be no limit to the total items won. Limitations will only be determined by other participants and won item counts.

Section 4.03 - Item Restrictions:

Items of a specific nature, such as bonus healing, bonus spell damage, etc will be given priority to those classes that can best utilize it first and foremost. For example:

(i) An item that has stat bonuses that might be good for a Warrior class but specific bonus equip features that benefit a Paladin will be given roll priority to Paladin’s first.

Items with general stat bonuses will not be restricted in this way. These are straight forward limitations to prevent gross abuse of the roll system where a class that would not receive a benefit to a specific item would win a roll of something more for novelty than for genuine use. For example:

(ii) Just because a 1 handed sword drops and can be equipped by a Warlock or Mage class, does not mean they should be given a chance at the item if the stats are geared specifically to a melee class such as a Warrior or Rogue should a Warrior or Rogue need it.

Items of a specific nature tailored to a certain raid role (i.e. healing, tanking, dps) can only be rolled on as a “Main Spec” roll by those attending the raid with the spec to utilize it and who are already serving in that capacity. Players who are filling a role of a different spec then what the item benefits can only roll on that item if it is not needed as an upgrade by those filling the role when the item roll is made “Off spec”.

(iii) If [Bladeangel's Money Belt] drops and there is a Feral spec druid and a Restoration spec druid in attendance, Feral druids will have a priority on the drop and the Restoration druid can only roll on the item if it is otherwise not needed by other classes that could better benefit from it as a main spec item.

Items of a specific armor class (Cloth, Leather, etc) will not be limited to specific classes. If the item is usable and beneficial in a Main Spec capacity for a certain class, regardless of the item’s armor class they will be afforded a roll. While no outright limitation will be placed on such items, it is highly encouraged by participating members that the class with greater armor limitations be given priority.

(iv) If a cloth item drops and there is a Druid and a Priest who can both benefit from it, it is encouraged but not mandatory that the Druid yield to the Priest first since that class has a more restricted armor class limitation.

Section 4.04 - Last Piece or Set Completion:

There comes situations where a person might be waiting on the “last piece of my set” or the last item they need to complete something of a benefit to them which requires a Main Spec roll on an item dropped. This does not change the priority of drops in any way as per policy; however it is up to the members in participation to decide if they would like to give priority to that individual or individuals on a run-by-run basis. This should be discussed BEFORE rolls are done for the item. If you are the person needing this for a completion of a set or similar, make it known to the party or raid immediately so that everyone can make a fair decision. It is disheartening to win a roll to find out after that you could have possibly benefited someone else or have to endure the frustration of losing out because you decided not to inform everyone that’s the last item you needed.

Section 4.05 - Pick-up Participants / PUG Runs:

From time to time we will offset our participation either out of necessity or out of friendship on raids and instances with persons outside the guild. Because it would be unfair to ask someone to help participate on a run and not allow them fair access to any rewards they might be able to use, they fall under the same loot rules as Twilight members would and are entitled to the same rights and equality regardless of their guild membership. While it would be more appealing to have a guild member win the item as it would benefit the guild in later endeavors, disadvantaging people who helped make it possible to be attained simply because they are not a current member is unjust. More often than not, this show of fairness will usually persuade them to apply to the guild down the road or at the very least continue to participate on future runs we might need their help with again.

Guild members that are leading any 5 person instance, with or without Twilight members will make clear the loot policy BEFORE the run begins. This is to make clear to all those in participation what to expect should an item they want or need drop as to try and remove the risk of any confusion or debates.

PUG runs and or raids are difficult to monitor and or regulate especially if Twilight members are not leading the run. Because of this issue, Twilight members leading PUG raids or runs are expected to carry out loot rules same as we do within the guild. Behavior that would be unacceptable with regard to loot prioritizing or other methods of distributing loot within the guild will also be viewed as unacceptable on PUG runs led by guild members. Evidence of loot abuse will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and could result in removal from the guild.

Section 4.06 - Crafting Materials:

With each expansion, crafting mat drops specific to certain bosses or instances within the game will be handled on an item to item basis which will be outlined ahead of time on the guild forum. This will provide members the opportunity to discuss the best method of handling these items.

5 person Instances will be at the discretion of the party leaders but also made known before the start of the run to allow for any objections and discussion.
Crafting items that are BOP (Bind on Pickup) such as [Demonic Rune] or [Skin of Shadow] will be “Greed” rolled by only those who can use it for crafted items, all others will pass on the item. Special circumstances for these items needed for a specific quest completion or for some other important use, would warrant a “Need” roll but make the group aware of this reasoning before rolling “Need”.

Section 4.07 - Tier Token Limitations for “Initiate” Status Members:

Tier tokens will be prioritized for members of the guild who are not in an “Initiate” status first. This is to limit the possibility of new members joining the guild for the sole purpose of gaining Tier items with the intent to leave afterwards. Since we as a guild do not use a DKP or like system, this limitation is placed to prevent this possible abuse of the loot system.

If no full Members need the token for upgrades, then the Initiate status members will be afforded a roll that will follow the same rules as normal loot.

This restriction only applies to the current tier level the guild is raiding at. For example, if the guild is currently raiding at Tier 8 items, any Tiers below are handled as a highest roll first situation regardless of membership status.

Article V. - Passing and Rolling for Others

There is no rolling for others when it comes to drops; everyone has 1 roll equal to all other players competing for that item. You cannot roll for someone else in addition to their roll to give them an “edge”. Your roll is for you and you alone.

A winner can chose to pass on an item if they decide that they don’t want it, however it will default to the next highest roller. You cannot decide to pass to a specific person as that creates favoritism and unrest within the guild.

Article VI. - Miscellaneous BOP (Bind on Pickup) Items:

For miscellaneous items that are BOP (Bind on Pickup) that are otherwise specifically not “needed”, a Greed roll by all party members is standard. These are items that you don’t specifically “need” outright such as for novelty or something everyone can use, not just yourself. Example items would be the [Corruptor's Scourgestone] for Argent Dawn faction, seasonal novelty items such as the [Green Winter Hat], etc.

If the item is BoP and otherwise unknown, it is recommended to pass and roll after to avoid confusion; however will be left to the party leader’s discretion. An example of this would apply to some quest items that are in limited quantity and available to everyone including those not on the specific quest to attain them.

Article VII. - Alternate Characters:

Roll privileges on items for Alternate characters will be left to the discretion of the party leader and members of that run. Persons who are playing an alternate character that they do not often play should pass on needed upgrades to those individuals on a main character. This option will be left at the discretion of the members and leader of that run as to knowing if it would be beneficial to have that alternate character benefit the guild from that upgrade as much as a main character. Alternate characters will need to pass on items which are Main Spec upgrades for Main characters.

Guild members are required to specify what character they are making their Main so that the person(s) handling loot on runs will know what characters are alts on the runs. If at any time a guild member decides to change main characters it must be posted on the forum in advance of any runs they plan to participate on. Failing to do so ahead of time will result in that character being treated as an alternate character for that run. There is also a limit to the time span between changing main characters so guild members are encouraged to think carefully about their change before making it official. This is done to prevent potential abuse of the system by someone trying to gear up all characters they play unfairly.

Article VIII. – Bind on Equip (BoE) Items:

BOE (Bind on Equip) items that are rolled on as a “Main Spec” and counted towards the won items limit MUST be equipped after they are won. Any item rolled as “Main Spec” and found on the AH for sale is grounds for review for guild dismissal and ban. This rule applies to those outside of the guild who might be participating on a run also.

Unwanted BoE items for Main Spec will not be afforded an Off spec roll on the run. The item will be placed in the guild bank for others not participating on that raid to have a chance at a potential Main Spec upgrade. All inquiries and rolls for those items will be done via the Forum on the “BoE Epic Roll Board” which is viewable only by guild members.

Rules on how each item is handled can be viewed here: http://forum.twilightonalex.com/index.php?topic=7226.0

Article IX. - Miscellaneous:

All rolling is equal, and at no time will any member making another member feel guilty for winning or rolling be tolerated.

Additionally, no member exerting blatant superiority over defeating another member’s roll is tolerated. If you win you are entitled to feel happy, but at no time will you make others feel inferior or ridiculed because of your good fortune.

Home Guild Info Loot Rules & Guidelines

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