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Nov 22
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Tragically, we lost a member of ours to an unexpected, unforeseen, and appalling cause. The last week of April 2008 we lost Malodorus during a Tempest Keep raid due to a bullet. Someone shot our dear friend while he played WoW at his computer and to this day his killer is still at large and the reasons for his death remain a mystery. We may never know why some unknown killer took Mal from us and his family, but we will always remember him and the joy and friendship he shared with all of us.


I've often read about guilds losing someone in real life and I always hoped that I would never have to see the day come for us. Mal was a good friend to all of us, he was always there when we needed him. I really wasnt sure what to say as I've never been good at goodbye's but I thought I would say something on his behalf and let him and everyone know how we felt about losing him.

We will miss you Mal. We will never forget you.

When you're GM for a long period of time, you see people come and go in a guild. Its hard losing people to just life changes where they stop playing the game. You look forward and hold on to hope that maybe someday they'll come back and you can once again enjoy their company. Some people criticize games like World of Warcraft and claim that the friendships and bonds developed within are fake or as imaginary as the game. I pity those people who make such claims because they will never know what it's like to make those bonds of friendship. The hardest part of losing someone you come to enjoy playing the game with is when you lose them permanently. As a guild we have experienced such a tragic loss only 2 years ago with the loss of Malodorus. Again, we suffer another loss of a loved member of our ranks, Sistershami (Mary). Taken from us all too soon. Having only been a part of Twilight for 6 months, she had a profound impact. We laughed with her, enjoyed feats of accomplishment with her help and company, and in the short time she was with us, we experienced memories which we will always remember. She was always eager to help where she could and crack a joke or 2 to cheer people up.

I truly hope she considered me a friend because I know I considered her one. She had a personality unique onto herself and was always there to whisper kind words of thanks and appreciation to me behind the scenes. I hate losing people from the guild, and it hurts losing Mary and knowing that I wont get to enjoy her company again. I can only hope that wherever she is now, she is happy and knows we care about her and miss her greatly.

You were taken from us too soon Mary, and we miss you more than words could ever convey.

Home Memorial

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